A little over one year ago, Cove pencilled the idea of introducing a digital-first insurer to New Zealand with one overarching mission: to make insurance simple for New Zealanders.

Today that vision is coming to life as we publicly launch Coves first insurance product – life insurance.

Using an intuitive chatbot interface, life insurance can now be quoted, purchased, and managed from any internet connected mobile device. Before today, life insurance has been extraordinarily difficult to purchase. It has been a process with more questions than even the most eager form-filler wishes to

The launch of our life insurance offering represents the first step in our longer term goal of covering all of the things people care. With dozens of insurance products currently on the market, offering hundreds of unique variations, and thousands of varying features, we feel the market is still overly complex.

This isn’t helping New Zealanders build trust in the insurance industry, and contributes to kiwis either being underinsured, or completely uninsured. And we don’t blame them! By presenting insurance in a understandable manner, we hope to ensure insurance is accessible and that both our customers, and future customers, can explore what insurance products best suits them (without needing a legal assistant and a copy of the Oxford Dictionary!). In doing this, Cove hopes to take the first steps in improving the public’s perception of insurance.

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